Prayer Beads are integral items within Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Once you’ve collected four of them, you can upgrade both your vitality meter and posture meter at any Sculptor‘s Idol, making them extremely valuable.

They often drop from Mini-Bosses but you can also find them in other places. Here’s where you can find them in each area.

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  • After first dropping down into the Sunken Valley, kill a pair of riflemen and look up to the left for a ledge to climb up to the end of the ravine leading back to the Ashina Outskirts. Look among the stone pyramid graves to find a Prayer Bead.
  • Beating Snake Eyes Shirafuji: Beat this Mini-Boss to receive a Prayer Bead
  • Beating Long-arm Centipede Giraffe: Beat this Mini-Boss to receive a Prayer Bead
  • In the Gun Fort Cave Shrine after beating the Mini-Boss, crawl under the floors to find a narrow cave ravine, and grapple up to a path on the right to find a ledge below where several lesser Centipede assassins and Crawling Geckos are located – they guard a Prayer Bead.
  • Defeat the Armored Warrior Mini-Boss guarding the bridge from the Shugendo to the Temple Grounds by knocking him over the edge.
  • Defeat the Long-Arm Centipede Sen’un in the building below the temple past the Temple Grounds Sculptor‘s Idol.
  • Once you have the Mibu Breathing Technique from defeating the boss of the Ashina Depths, return to the Temple Grounds and dive into the pond to find a cave where you can find a Prayer Bead held by a giant Buddha statue.

  • After defeating the Snake Eyes, enter the cave to the next boss and look up to the left for a path to grapple up to. Crawl through the first space and then look left again to grapple up and wall-jump up a shaft to come up behind a large statue – and find the Prayer Bead on its head.

  • Defeat both the Headless Ape Boss and its mate to earn one Prayer Bead apiece
  • Defeat Tojujiro the Glutton in the Hidden Forest to earn a Prayer Bead
  • Defeat O’Rin of the Water past the Water Mill in the Mibu Village to get a Prayer Bead
  • Enter the Head Priest’s Temple past the Water Mill by crawling under the house to find a secret revolving door, and leave out the back to grapple up into the attic where you’ll find a Prayer Bead
  • With the Mibu Breathing Technique, dive into the pond by the Mibu Village to find a treasure chest with a Prayer Bead.

The following Prayer Beads can be earned only after returning to Ashina Castle once you have the Mortal Blade, Lotus of the Palace, and Shelter Stone.

  • Defeat the Chained Ogre located below the Castle’s Antechamber on the ground floor.
  • Defeat Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer located at the Great Serpent Shrine at the edge of the Sunken Valley.
  • Defeat the Lone Shadow Vilehand that has taken up residence in the Ashina Castle‘s Upper Tower Dojo to earn a Prayer Bead.

The following Prayer Beads are only accessible after defeating Owl at the Ashina Castle (Dusk), and embarking on the questline for the Purification Ending to unlock Hirata Estate (Owl’s Memory) by using Father’s Bell Charm.

  • Defeat Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer (the second time) where you previously found Owl in the Hirata Estate to earn a Prayer Bead.
  • Defeat Juzou the Drunkard (the second time) along with the Lone Shadow, located in in Main Hall where you found him last to earn another Prayer Bead.
  • Defeat the Sakura Bull of the Palace after getting through the Mibu Manor and going left from the Flower Viewing Stage back around to the front of the manor.
  • Defeat the Okami Leader Shizu who guards the Great Sakura in the middle of the Fountainhead Palace, which you must assault from the back by going through Mibu Manor and the Flower Viewing Stage.
  • Locate an underwater chest in the large canyon in the middle of the lake below the Great Sakura, near the Headless and a large carp skeleton.

The following Prayer Beads are only accessible after clearing the Fountainhead Palace and getting the Divine Dragon‘s Tears from beating the Divine Dragon boss, and returning to the castle.

  • Defeat the red-eyes Ashina Elite miniboss below Isshin Ashina’s watchtower room to earn a Prayer Bead.
  • Defeat the Sumo Wrestler miniboss at the Ashina Outskirts Wall – Stair by crossing the newly raised bridge from the Old Grave.
  • Defeat the Seven Ashina Spears that guards the remains of the Ashina Reservoir past the Sculptor‘s Idol along with a Samurai General to earn the final Prayer Bead.

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