After completing the [Walkthrough Main Campaign], i.e collecting all 5 Dream Gems, post-game options open up. This includes the Hidden Hills. You will need a total of 140 Flowers to complete the Hidden Hills and thus complete all the levels in the game. For 317 more Flowers you get something extra from Blockafeller. 

However, not everything is automatically open for you. Below are the requirements for unlocking the end game extras.

Note: The hidden hills include a secret boss battle and an extra prize for giving Blockafeller 317 Flowers. If you do not want this spoiled do not continue reading. 

Unlocking the Hidden Hills Levels[edit]

Rough Rolling costs 30 Flowers to unlock.

Under Siege costs another 30 Flowers to unlock.

Floppin’ and Poppin’ costs yet another 30 Flowers to unlock.

Kamek Kerfuffle is the boss battle stage this world ends with and costs 50 Flowers to unlock. 

After defeating Kamek, congratulations are in order. All courses have been cleared!

Still, you can give 317 Flowers to the Blockafeller Brother outside of Kamek’s Castle for even more completionist clout. Your reward is the Sundream Stone Costume.

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