IGN’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough and Guide will seek to lead you on the lone shinobi known as Wolf’s path of vengeance.

This area-based location guide will help you prepare for every enemy encounter, while locating all Items, Secrets, and Characters along the way – with no stone unturned. Please note that certain sections of the game allow you to progress in different regions at your leisure, and this walkthrough will guide you through a reccomended path between areas.

Fore more information and detailed walkthroughs, see the list of areas below as well as all bosses and mini-bosses encountered along the way.

Area Name Mini-bosses Boss Number of Sculptor’s Idols
Ashina Reservoir (Tutorial) Samurai Leader Genichiro Ashina N/A
Ashina Outskirts Samurai General (x2),

Chained Ogre,

Great Serpent

Gyoubu Oniwa 7
Hirata Estate Shinobi Hunter,

Juzou the Drunkard

Lady Butterfly 6
Ashina Castle Blazing Bull,

Ashina Seven Spears,

Lone Shadow,

Samurai General,

Ashina Elite

Genichiro Ashina 9
Sunken Valley Snake Eyes, Long-arm Centipede,

Great Serpent

Guardian Ape 6
Abandoned Dungeon Shichimen Player N/A 2
Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo Armored Warrior, Long-arm Centipede Folding Screen Monkeys 7
Ashina Depths Snake Eyes, Mist Noble, O-Rin of the Water Headless Ape, Corrupted Monk


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