Dropping tomorrow.

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that the Apex Legends Season 1 – Wild Frontier Battle Pass will become available tomorrow, March 19, for 950 Apex Coins ($9.50 US).

Announced and detailed on the official Apex Legends webpage, every level gained during Season 1 unlocks a Battle Pass reward, and there are over 100 that can be earned throughout the season. This includes weapon skins, banner frames, XP boosts and more. Players will also receive three Wild Frontier-themed Legend skins immediately when they purchase the pass: these are the Lifeline Revolutionary, Wraith Survivor and the Mirage Outlaw skins.

Fans can also buy the Battle Pass Bundle, which unlocks the next 25 Battle Pass levels and their respective rewards automatically for 2,800 Apex Coins ($28 US). The Battle Pass is scheduled to drop at 10 a.m. PT (which would theoretically drop it at 1 p.m. ET/5 p.m. UK/4 a.m. March 20 AET)

The new Legend Octane was detailed on the PlayStation Blog. After blowing off his legs in a gauntlet speed-run, Octavio “Octane” Silva dives into Apex with metal legs, searching for the ultimate adrenaline rush using death-defying moves. His Adrenaline Junkie ability lets him trade health for speed and his Launch Pad Ultimate Ability lets his squad fly through the air. PlayStation Blog says Octane is playable today.

Respawn further detailed the Battle Pass, confirming it can only be purchased in the in-game store using Apex Coins from the Battle Pass tab. If players buy the Battle Pass late in the season, they’ll receive all the rewards up to their Battle Pass level, which is their current level for the season, retroactively – the 25 automatic levels from the Battle Pass Bundle will be stacked on top of this.

The rewards available in the Season 1 Battle Pass can only be earned until the season is over, and after it ends, players can’t earn new Wild Frontier content. For those who don’t purchase the Battle Pass, they can still earn one Wild Frontier Legend skin, five Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers for free.

Last week, Respawn teased Octane with an in-game item after rumors suggested the Legend would be released on March 12.

For more on Apex Legends, check out the interactive Kings Canyon map and the Apex Legends community’s weapons tier lists.

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