Raticate, Vileplume and Rapidash are among the best designs.

The first 150 Pokemon are now part of designs that can be incorporated into shirts through Original Stitch – though they’re currently only available in Japan, and Mew is notably absent.

Through Original Stitch, the designs shown in the gallery below can be incorporated into both men’s and women’s styles of casual, dress and Hawaiian shirts. What’s more, after selecting a size for the shirt, users can mix and match both plain and specific Pokemon designs into the shirt’s base fabric, collar, cuffs and pockets. Theoretically, fans could have a Charizard base with a Tauros collar, Vulpix cuffs and Mewtwo Pockets – though that would look like one hot Poke-mess.

While almost the entirety of the first generation of Pokemon is accounted for, the mythical Pokemon Mew is noticeably absent. Its silhouette does appear after Mewtwo’s in the design selection options on the official website, but no final design is shown.

In this writer’s opinion, some of the best designs are Raticate, Vulpix, Vileplume, Rapidash, Slowbro, Electrode and Kangaskhan. Some designs are cultural references, like Likitung resembling the famous Rollings Stones tongue logo. Go ahead and check out the slideshow for yourself to see which you like the best.

These shirts can be designed and purchased now starting at $100 a pop, though they are currently only available for sale and delivery in Japan. If you do happen to be living in Japan, however, the official site is live.

These customizable shirts were originally announced back in January, but there’s always other Pokemon-themed merchandise available, like the Detective Pikachu official toy line, and Pokemon Center DX year one anniversary merch.

The latest mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, were announced for Nintendo Switch and are coming in 2019.

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Colin Stevens is a news writer for IGN, and it still bothers him that Mew comes after Mewtwo in the Pokedex. Follow him on Twitter.

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