The Block is a cool location in the Fortnite battle royale map where islands from Fortnite Creative are featured in a dedicated section of the map. Featured island codes don’t stay around for too long so we’ve created this page to catalog each every one.

Starting with Season 7, islands have been featured roughly on a weekly basis, usually coinciding with a new patch or update. If you end up missing one, you can always revisit the island by entering the island’s code within Fortnite Creative. If you need help entering an island code, make sure to check out our how to edit island codes in Fortnite Creative mode page.

Each featured island code can be found below along with the author, the name of the island, and an image. Use the links to jump to each season:

Season 8[edit]

Turtle Temple

By: Botimus-Prime
Added: March 5, 2019
Code: 3825-4310-4070

Cryptic Castle

By: HellraiserGaming
Added: February 28, 2019
Code: 3559-7849-3758

Season 7[edit]

Colossal Compound

By: Aril_lian1
Added: February 19, 2019
Code: 2104-8579-0154

Oily Oaks

By: MrSlickWillyz
Added: February 15, 2019
Code: 3814-3368-9517

Lunar Street Festival

Added: February 5, 2019
Code: 9895-7465-4802


By: Zartbot
Added: January 29, 2019
Code: 4052-3215-4331

Omega Pyramid

By: Directingpete
Added: January 22, 2019
Code: 9587-1059-8765

Looming Llama

By: Stormhawk
Added: January 15, 2019
Code: 1257-8257-4999

DM Arena

By: KojackNumber2
Added: January 8, 2019
Code: 8792-1332-7866

Mystery Market

By: Bludrive
Added: December 30, 2019
Code: 7693-3640-8910

Risky Runways

Added: December 24, 2018
Code: 5542-7687-4547

Grimy Greens

Added: December 19, 2018
Code: 8641-0487-1161

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