Fortnite Week 2 Challenges for Season 8 include the visit visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points of the island challenge. Use our map for a look at the locations and head back to our Week 2 Challenges page for the rest of the challenges.

Here’s something new. Your goal is not to head to the edge of the map in all four directions but instead find the furthest point in each direction. For example, you’ll find a cool sign if you go to the small piece of land that sticks out the most on the northern border. This will also take care of a fourth of this challenge. Visit all four in any order to complete the challenge.

Use our map above to find all the locations or check out our list:

  • North: Near Junk Junction, head north of the movie set warehouse.
  • East: South of Lonely Lodge and south of the dilapidated mansion.
  • South: Go up the hill south of Lucky Landing.
  • West: To the west of Snobby Shores behind the fourth house starting from the top. The one with the pool.

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