The most important decision you’ll ever make.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield freshly announced for Nintendo Switch, and all three starter Pokemon revealed, we wanted to know which of the starters IGN readers are going to pick for their upcoming adventure in the Galar region.

IGN recently asked followers on Snapchat which Gen 8 starter they’d choose, and after 136620 responses, the grass chimp Grookey, the fire rabbit Scorbunny, and the water lizard Sobble all came out with very close levels of support. Scorbunny naturally led the race by a hare, garnering 29% of the votes while Grookey and Sobble both netted 26% of the share – only 19% of respondents said they didn’t intend to play the games altogether. With such a tight race, we wanted to see what readers of the website felt about this dynamic trio.

As the rules of nature have dictated (since 1996), the three starters each represent a core type in the series: a fire starter, a water starter and a grass starter. Some Pokemon trainers always go with a particular type for their starter, others are swayed by the creature designs, but all choices are valid.

Be sure to vote in the poll below, and if you somehow haven’t already made up your mind, we’ve included a brief breakdown of each starter and why you should pick them. If you need even more evidence to support your decision, check out everything we know about these starter Pokemon.



Behind door #1 we have Grookey, a mischievous Chimp Pokemon full of boundless curiosity. It comes fully accessorized, using a stick that it keeps tucked away behind the adorable leaf on the top of its head to playfully hit rocks or, let’s be real, other Pokemon. It will be joining the illustrious ranks of grass starters that came before it, like Bulbasaur, Treecko and Rowlet, making a play for your heart and posing a serious threat to water, rock and ground types.



Next up is Scorbunny, a Rabbit Pokemon that’s bursting with energy and is always running about. It has mad hops, leaving behind trails of fire in the wake of wherever its adorable feet take it. With what look to be bandages across its nose and feet, you know this one’s scrappy and ready for a Pokemon battle. Scorbunny has got some big shoes to fill, following fire starters like Charmander, Cyndaquil and Torchic, lighting a dangerous fire under grass, ice, bug and steel type Pokemon.



Last but certainly not least is Sobble, a timid and (some would say) anxious little Water Lizard Pokemon that shoots out its attacks while hiding away in the water. He’s environmentally conscious, making sure to douse the reckless fire Scorbunny leaves behind and is capable of becoming invisible – an ability any introvert would pay top dollar to possess. Sobble is the latest in a long line of notable water starters, including Squirtle, Piplup and Froakie, all of which can take down fire, ground and rock types with ease.

So who will you choose? The mischievous Grookey, the energetic Scorbunny or the adorably anxious Sobble? Let us know by answering the poll above, and telling us why you made your excellent decision in the comments below.

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Colin Stevens is a news writer for IGN, and now that the article’s over, he can safely say he would die for Scorbunny. Follow him on Twitter.

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