Fortnite Week 1 Challenges for Season 7 include the visit all pirate camp challenge. Use our map for a look at the locations and head back to our Week 1 Challenges page for the rest of the challenges.

Pirates have taken over seven abandoned locations across the map. Visit all seven to complete this challenge. You’ll know it’s a pirate camp by flag with the white kraken along with the shoddy wooden infrastructure. Use our map and our list of locations to help you find them all:

  • To the west of the water at Lazy Lagoon.
  • At the southwest section of the base of the volcano.
  • The abandoned house southwest of Pleasant Park.
  • In the snow biome, northeast of the old Greasy Grove (frozen lake).
  • On top of the hill southwest of Salty Springs.
  • At the bridge connecting the desert biome to the normal map, south of Retail Row.
  • The abandoned house between Loot Lake and Dusty Divot.

And our map:


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