Also, say hello to the new starters – Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble!

Update 2/28, 11 a.m. PT: Since Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s announcement, we learned a bit more about what Pokemon fans can expect in the generation 8 Pokemon adventure coming to Nintendo Switch.

We already have almost two-dozen Pokemon confirmed so far to appear in the Galar region in Sword and Shield. You can check them out in the gallery below.

And while we don’t have a ton of detail yet about the region itself yet, like which Pokemon will be version specific, we do know trainers will be exploring the Galar region, which IGN has a full detailed map of for you to check out.

If you’d like to see our best guesses at what’s to come from Sword and Shield, check out a host of IGN staffers’ drawings of what the starter Pokemon’s evolutions probably won’t look like.

Original story follows:

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have announced Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The announcement was accompanied by the first footage of the newest Pokémon title and the reveal that it will take place in the Galar region.

We also got a glimpse of the new grass, fire, and water starters – the Chimp Pokemon Grookey, the Rabbit Pokemon Scorbunny, and Water Lizard Pokemon Sobble.

The trailer showed Pokémon battles, beautiful backdrops, weather effects, and so much more.

As for more on the Galar region, it is said to contain many environments, including “idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forests, and craggy, snow-covered mountains.”

Trainers will still be training their Pokémon and battling in Gyms, all while working to earn the title of Champion and becoming the very best, like no one ever was.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release worldwide on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019. Preorders for both Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword are available on Amazon. For a complete look, check out our guide to Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword preorders.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who can’t wait to take up the Sword and Shield later this year! You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst.

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