Smeargle, the missing Gen 2 Pokemon, is finally catchable in Pokemon Go. This page details how to get Smeargle to appear in Pokemon Go with detailed steps and tips.

Smeargle is a Normal-type known as the “Painter Pokemon,” originally from the Johto region. In the core Pokemon games, it features a unique move called “Sketch.” This move allows it to permanently copy an attack used by its opponent. This mechanic is changed in Pokemon Go. Smeargle, instead of having a move called “Sketch,” will automatically have the moves of the Pokemon you were taking photos of when it appears. Read below for more details!

How to Catch Smeargle[edit]

  • Look at any Pokemon in the Pokemon tab.
  • Tap the Camera Icon in the top right to start taking photos of the Pokemon.
  • Take pictures of the Pokemon.

Smeargle will have the moves of the exact Pokemon you’re taking pictures of!

  • When you’re done, tap the arrow in the top left corner to exit.
    Image from iOS.png
  • Review your photos, and look for a Smeargle. It will be close to the camera, and probably blocked your original subject!
  • If Smeargle photobombed one of them, it will appear next to you in the over world, ready to be captured.
  • Keep in mind Smeargle can run just like any Pokemon, so use your best Berries to keep him in line.

Smeargle Capture Tips and Notes[edit]

  • You do not need AR+ to catch Smeargle.
  • When taking photos, you’re only able to review the last 10 taken. It’s possible for Smeargle to photobomb a picture you do not review, and for it to appear to be captured regardless.
  • Smeargle’s probability of photobombing a picture is unclear, but it can be quite rare. Some have reported taking more than 1,000 photos and still not finding Smeargle. Others have found a Smeargle in their first batch of photos.
  • Smeargle will learn the moves of the Pokemon you were taking photos of when it appears.
  • If Smeargle has Signal Beam inexplicably as its moves, simply restart Pokemon Go. This should fix this glitch. 

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