Halo Infinite will allegedly launch with the hardware.

New reports suggest that Microsoft will unveil two new Xbox hardware platforms during E3 2019, and that Halo Infinite will launch alongside them.

Reported by French site Jeux Video (via Google Translate), the Project Scarlet family of next-gen Xbox hardware will allegedly be revealed at E3 2019 and are scheduled to launch by the end of 2020. The site claims the rumors that Scarlet consists of two platforms, a weaker Lockhart console and a more powerful Anaconda console, are also true. These will allegedly be announced alongside the rumored partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft.

In addition to this, Halo Infinite, announced at E3 2018, will reportedly launch alongside these new consoles, but will also be available on Xbox One. Lastly, Ninja Theory, one of Microsoft’s newly acquired studios, will allegedly release a new game in early 2020, which would likely be for Xbox One rather than the Scarlet consoles.

Thurott published a similar report claiming the Scarlet consoles would be unveiled at E3 2019, and claims they will launch in fall 2020 alongside Halo Infinite, which allegedly has more RPG elements than prior Halo titles. Thurott claims Microsoft likely won’t discuss pricing at E3 2019, and that the company is starting to lock down what else it will announce during its keynote.

Of course, these still remain rumors, and nothing surrounding the alleged Lockhart and Anaconda consoles have been confirmed to be true.

However, if this does prove to be true, it would fall in line with what Xbox head Phil Spencer claimed last month, saying Microsoft will “be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been.”

Colin Stevens is a news writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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