Three seasons of content have been announced.

On the 100-day anniversary of the release of Fallout 76, Bethesda has revealed its 2019 roadmap for the game, including a major spring update.

Detailed on, the 2019 roadmap for Fallout 76 includes three major timeframes for free updates, with the Wild Appalachia update hitting in spring, Nuclear Winter coming in summer, and Wastelanders coming in fall. They bring with them different types of content, from new modes to a new main quest. Specific dates for when content will drop are included in the image below.

Spring’s Wild Appalachia set of updates, which begins on March 12, brings with it two new quests: Shear Terror!, where players will uncover the “encryptid” secrets of Appalachia, and Ever Upwards, a journey into the deepest reaches of the woods with new stories for the Pioneer Scouts. New features coming with Wild Appalachia include a legendary vendor and legendary scrapping, C.A.M.P. decorating, player vending, a new functional camera, and brewing and distilling Nukashine.

A new seasonal event, the Fasnacht Parade, will see players “chase away Old Man Winter” and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht!” This limited time event will allow players to earn unique Fasnacht Masks as rewards. A new game mode, Survival, will bring a “higher-stakes” PvP experience with fewer restrictions, increased rewards and new challenges.

Bethesda also gave a bit of info on the Nuclear Winter set of updates starting this summer. It will bring a new game mode, Nuclear Winter, which will allegedly “completely change the rules of the wasteland.” New vault raids for Vaults 96 and 94 will be opening, and will test seasoned players in high-level groups. A new prestige system, called Legendary Players, will be introduced, allowing players above 50 to become Legendary, resetting them with all-new powerful abilities.

Less was revealed about the fall Wastelanders update, though Bethesda describes it as its biggest and most ambitious update for Fallout 76, and will include a new main questline, factions, events, features and more.

For more on Fallout 76, check out our wiki for the game. In our review of Fallout 76, we called the game “Mediocre,” saying “The rich wasteland map of Fallout 76 is wasted on a mess of bugs, conflicting ideas, and monotony.”

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