An increase to its store page of over 4000%!

The huge success of Apex Legends has had an interesting impact on VR title Apex Construct, as the similarity in names has caused visits to its Steam page to increase by over 4000%.

Via PC Gamer, Andreas Juliusson of Apex Construct developer Fast Travel Games took to Reddit to discuss the situation in more detail and how the launch of the free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends, which isn’t even on Steam, has affected Apex Construct, which is on Steam and costs $29.99 USD.

In addition to the astronomical jump in visits to its page, Juliusson mentioned that “we sold more units of Apex Constuct in China the last seven days than during all of 2018.”

He also mentions that while he expects many of these purchases to be refunded once players discover their mistake, “our books look pretty good at the moment;-).”

However, it isn’t all good news for Apex Construct as the title has received a high amount of negative reviews from “Chinese buyers who feel they have been scammed, even though we have done nothing wrong!”

Fast Travel Games has the Steam Community looking into the issue, and hopefully they will find a solution that will offset some of the negativity.

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm, reaching more than 25 million total players since its debut, and in our review of the newest title by Respawn Entertainment, we said “Apex Legends is squad-based battle royale done right, complete with cool heroes, a superb communication system, and polished mechanics.”

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who wishes the best for Fast Travel Games! You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst.

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