Everything you need to know about King’s Canyon.

Apex Legends’ King’s Canyon map is full of loot and supply chests, along with respawn beacons, hidden secrets and plenty of places to get caught in a firefight. Here’s your guide to every location, supply crate, Pathfinder beacon, even the best landing spots to be found around King’s Canyon.

Loot Box and Supply Crate Locations

There are 324 supply crates scattered around the King’s Canyon map.


These are the best source of gear during a match and can contain anything from armor or ammo to weapons and specialty items. The crates with the best loot in them can usually be found in what’s known as the Hot Zone when starting a match. See all their locations here!

Respawn Beacons

Kings Canyon has 57 Respawn Beacons located across its playable area.


These are used to revive teammates that have been killed. To use a Respawn Beacon, pick up your downed teammate’s banner from their loot chest after they die and carry it to a beacon. Hold the interaction button to use the beacon and revive your squadmate (Gibraltar’s shield bubble is very useful here if you’re the only surviving member of your team). See all their locations here!

Pathfinder Survey Beacons

When not fighting off vicious birds, the friendly robot Pathfinder can utilize their unique ability to use Survey Beacons to identify where the next ring of the arena will be.


You can find 20 of these Survey Beacon locations around the map – see them all here.

Jump Towers

Jump Towers are insanely useful when you need to cross a great distance in a short amount of time.

Run to the base of the “balloon” and ride the zipline straight up all the way to the top, facing the direction you want to move. You’ll launch off the top of the tower and re-activate your launch jets – just be sure not to jump off before you hit the top or you’ll fall back to the ground.

Best Landing Spots

The big question at the start of every match, though, is always “where to land?” The weight of being the jumpmaster is a heavy one, but here are our recommendations on the best landing spots in King’s Canyon:

  • ThunderdomeIt may not be a massive settlement, but it will almost always have enough loot for your entire squad to get a good start without being an exceptionally hot LZ.
  • Supply ShipYou’ll almost definitely end up in a hectic firefight if you aim for the supply ship, but you’re also likely to get some excellent gear if you survive.
  • Relay: Another great choice for those who like to loot in peace, then go looking for trouble.
  • Water TreatmentAs one of the larger structures in the south of King’s Canyon, the treatment plant offers a bunch of loot along with great hiding spots to duck out of the way of incoming enemy fire.

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