“There’s a lot of interesting space to be explored.”

Series fans can rest easy; BioWare isn’t done with Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

According to Polygon, who sat down with the team at BioWare, Mass Effect is “very much alive.” BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson said, “In my mind, it’s very much alive. I’m thinking all the time about things that I think will be great. It’s just a matter of getting back to it as soon as we can.”

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer on Anthem and Dragon Age, went into further detail on what a new Mass Effect might look like. “We’re definitely not done with Mass Effect. There’s a lot of stories to be told. We could pull on the threads we put down with [Mass Effect:] Andromeda; we could pull on threads from Mass Effect 3. There’s a lot of interesting space to be explored.”

While Anthem represents a significant departure from BioWare’s tradition of crafting games with a strong single-player focus, it doesn’t necessarily mean the studio will change Mass Effect or Dragon Age to fit Anthem’s model.

“It’s not like we’ve decided, ‘Hey, all of our games are now gonna be Anthem,'” said Anthem Game Director Jon Warner. “Our other games, as we go forward, are gonna take things out of the toolbox that they need to be true to themselves. Whether that’s another bout of multiplayer – we’ll see.”

Fans will have to wait to learn more because, according to Polygon, BioWare is keeping details on upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age games under wraps for the time being.

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