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Apex Legends is taking over the world right now, and there’s a lot of discussion across newcomers and experts around the best Legends to actually play. Steven Ryu offers his top picks, which Miranda Sanchez doesn’t necessarily agree with. FIGHT!

The master of decoy, Mirage can send a decoy out every 14 seconds. In addition, when downed, he turns invisible and also creates a decoy of himself. His ultimate ability turns him invisible while creating multiple copies of Mirage.


Steven: Unfortunately, Mirage’s decoys are stationary and don’t really do anything for your team or the flow of combat. It’s more of a get-out-of-jail-free card for the Mirage player, which is awesome, but other Legends can do this while not sacrificing their ultimate. While his clone is useful for baiting out enemies and outplaying opponents in certain situations, Mirage felt a tad underwhelming to the composition of a team.

Miranda: Alright, I know we led with this article saying I disagree, but… I’m definitely not going to disagree with you in saying that Mirage’s ultimate and passive aren’t as helpful as I’d like them to be. I have definitely seen people find success with Mirage – and all the characters – but I almost never have seen them use his ultimate. That’s a problem. I’d personally put Mirage at position 7, though. His decoy is rather useful, and simply for that reason (and his great voicelines) I’d put him above the even less impressive Caustic. I think the issue we’ll generally have with this list is that the Legends are generally really well-balanced and success with them depends more heavily on an individual’s playstyle, though the bottom two picks are easily swappable.

The loveable robot Pathfinder has a grapple that you can use to whip yourself around the map and get high ground quickly. You can even use it to pull enemies toward you for a shotgun finish. Pathfinder can hack certain beacons around the map to give you and your team intel on where the next safe circle will be and his ultimate gives him the ability to create a zipline, useful for traversing across the map.


Steven: Pathfinder’s role and abilities fit his scout class to a tee but in a fast-paced action battle royale, Pathfinder’s abilities feel lackluster. He definitely has the most charm though. If Apex was slower paced, Pathfinder would thrive but with how much time you have in between circle rounds and the number of transportation balloons and ziplines on the map, teams could do better than the beloved robot on the squad.

Miranda: Hi, Pathfinder main here. Obviously I take issue with seeing best boy ranked so low (how dare you), but I’d have to disagree with saying that Pathfinder is slow. In fact, some guy out there owes me $5 for how great Pathfinder’s mobility is. I was able to use his ultimate to zip into a ridiculously dangerous spot, zip out, and get a revive. I’ve also used the zipline for looting contested supply drops, flanking camping enemies, and so much more. Pathfinder’s grappling hook is also especially helpful for getting out of bad situations. I’d argue that Pathfinder and other heroes with mobility tools in their kit are some of the best to play when you’re paired up with a random team. I know you mostly play with people you know, but playing alone is a whole different ball game. Pathfinder’s kit gives you the ability to quickly provide assistance, or to get yourself out of a bad situation an irresponsible teammate started. Teammates aside, Pathfinder’s “passive” (I don’ t think it’s really a passive if you actively have to do something to benefit from it) reveals the next ring location, which makes for a great strategic advantage. I’d put Pathfinder somewhere around position four or five.

Caustic is a sociopath and can place gas traps that are great for rigging rooms and fortifying choke points. His ultimate lets you throw a gas grenade that covers a large area with poison And his passive lets you see any enemies within that cloud allowing you to finish them off while they’re being slowed and disoriented.


Steven: Caustic was a really tough Legend to rank. In large fights, he does a great job putting the entire enemy team at a disadvantage with a well-placed gas bomb. You can also play defensively and offensively with Caustic making him a solid all-around Legend choice but his gas causes the same low visibility for teammates during a fight. Caustic also becomes much less effective in wide open areas where you can avoid the canisters and Nox bomb which is why he lands at number 6.

Miranda: I’d honestly be happy to see Caustic at position 7 or 8. Yes, his abilities are good in tighter spaces, and that can be great if you’re in some of the last rounds, but generally, this means your team is going to want to stay in enclosed areas to make better use of his kit. His Nox Gas Grenade feels like it needs to do a little more damage too.

The battle-hardened Bangalore moves faster when under fire, making her harder to kill while she escapes or strafes in combat. Her tactical ability lets her fire two smoke grenades and her ultimate calls in an artillery strike that rolls across the map.


Steven: Bangalore is a solid all-around legend that feels true to what makes first-person shooters feel so good. Her smoke launcher combined with her passive allows for safe escapes for you and your teammates. The Rolling Thunder ultimate also forces enemies to reposition if placed correctly, which can turn the tide of battle quickly. The downside of the ultimate however is that it’s very telegraphed beforehand which makes it difficult to down enemies with the strike. Overall, a solid legend to learn first if you’re a new Apex legends player and I think her smoke launcher ability is a great addition to combat.

Miranda: As I wrote earlier, these middle few are so, so hard to place because each feels balanced enough to shift depending on whether or not you’re coordinating with a team or playing with a random group. I would personally like to see Bangalore a spot higher and move a particular Legends into this spot instead. Movement abilities just feel too good in Apex Legends. Even though Bangalore is probably one of the more straightforward and approachable Legends, I appreciate that her kit still allows for creative strategies with her passive (and double smoke!) in the right hands.

Bloodhound’s passive lets you pick up on enemy cues such as footprints and if they took damage. The tactical ability sends out a pulse wave that briefly notifies you and your teammates of enemies and traps if they are in proximity. Bloodhound’s ultimate highlights enemies red, makes their footprints red, and makes the player much faster.


Steven: Bloodhound’s  passive ability and tactical ability gives you and your team information that I think is vital in battle royales. With the hints Bloodhound sees, your team can actively hunt or avoid enemy squads. Bloodhounds ultimate pairs very well with other Legend abilities such as Gibraltar’s airstrike, Bangalore’s smoke, and caustics gas allowing Bloodhound players to quickly get in a fight, finish a kill, and back out safely.

Miranda: I’d also move Bloodhound up one and move Gibraltar further down. I’m always happy to have a Bloodhound on my team, and that’s largely because of their unique ability to convey so much useful information that you already touched on. Bloodhound also has a rare ultimate that’s not widely visible to enemies after it’s activated unless they’re directly looking at Bloodhound. But having a Bloodhound that makes use of that information makes all the difference, and I’m glad you’ve also seen how great they pair with Legends that offer control of an area.

Gibraltar is all about team support with his bubble dome that can protect while in a fight or while looting but he also has offensive abilities that work well with the flow of combat. His passive gives him a shield while aiming down sights which gives him an initial advantage in a straight up gun fight. His ultimate is a mortar strike that lasts for a long duration of time, destroying any enemy that stays in the area – unless they hide under cover of course.


Steven: In my opinion, Gibraltar’s ultimate is a better version of Bangalore’s and, with his defensive dome and personal shield in gunfights, it’s extremely difficult to take down a team with a skilled Gibraltar on it.

Miranda: Bump this man down to maybe position five or six – sorry Gibraltar mains. Gibraltar is great for those teams that like to get incredibly aggressive in more open areas, but otherwise his kit just screams “please look at me and destroy me immediately.” I do think visibility of his two shields is important for balance (and he can make for a great distraction while other members go to flank!), but he feels a little less impressive compared to Bloodhound and Bangalore. Also, as you’ve pointed out before, Apex Legends is a fast game. A highly-visible, stationary shield that takes a few seconds to deploy feels like a bit of a drag at times.

Wraith is a soldier who uses the void for all three of her abilities. Her passive gives you extremely useful audio cues when traps are near or if enemies are aiming at you. Her tactical turns you invisible for a short period of time but you additionally become immune to all damage including the encroaching circle. Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, allows Wraith to form two portals that either ally or foe can use to teleport across.


Steven: Wraith’s passive ability gives vital information similar to Bloodhound but it takes it a step further because you are notified when enemies are looking at you. This information saved my team and I a countless number of times and her tactical ability, which lets you straight up disappear from terrible situations, further adds to her survivability. Skilled players with Wraith will find that her ability can be used offensively as a flank to get – your team out of danger. Also, downed allies can take her portal so they can be revived from a safer area. All of her deep mechanics and potential to outplay entire teams puts Wraith at position 2.

Miranda: All I’ll say here is that Wraith’s passive can be a little goofy – we’ve definitely been shot at only for her to say something after the fact. Otherwise, though, I totally agree with her placement.

Lifeline’s passive ability gives her a shield while reviving knocked down allies. Healing items are also used 25% faster. In a game where the combat is as aggressive as it is in Apex Legends, faster healing, and shields while reviving allies allows you to mitigate some of the disadvantages you would normally encounter while being injured or outnumbered. Her tactical ability drops a drone that heals anyone on your team over time, allowing everyone to save their syringes and fight while being healed. Her ultimate takes the longest time to charge out of all the legends but that’s because it’s a care package that drops with high rarity gear.


Steven: I can’t tell you the number of times my team has been able to get the necessary sniper optics or armor with Lifeline’s care packages. Quick tip, make sure to force feed the Lifeline on your team with Ultimate Accelerant items so she can drop care packages as often as possible. Dropping a care package for an ally that just recovered at a respawn center is also super beneficial to help loot up. Unlike Overwatch, where the support characters do less damage or are just harder to battle with compared to their DPS counterparts, Lifeline has the same lethality as all other players. She does so much for the team while being useful at all stages of the game, and that’s why she takes my spot as the strongest Legend.

Miranda: Okay okay, I know we said we were going to fight, but I’m going to agree with you yet again. Your analysis is spot on. Lifeline’s kit is just too good! It’s so awesome to have a support character that can contribute just as much damage as their teammates with more aggressive abilities if the player is skilled enough to do so. Her ultimate is great for obvious reasons, and I appreciate the strategy required in making use of her D.O.C. Heal Drone – in case someone didn’t know, enemies can use it to heal too.

Steven: The beauty of ranking the Legends is that no one can seem to agree on a list, meaning they are all very well balanced! Even now, my rankings are constantly changing but I love hearing other people’s perspectives on their favorite Legends. Miranda definitely brought up great points that definitely has changed my opinion on some Legends, so thank you!

Let us know about the tactics you use with your favorite Legends in the comments below. Make sure to check out all of our other Apex Legends content on IGN, including our review and our in-depth wiki.

Steve Ryu is a producer at IGN. Talk to him about battle royales on Twitter. Miranda Sanchez is a senior editor at IGN. You can chat with her about video games and anime on Twitter

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