Just like in the real-life Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Lucky Emblems, or Mickey Symbols, are tucked away in the world of Kingdom Hearts III. These collectibles can be found all over, in less-than obvious spots. Collecting them rewards you with items and equipment. Click on the world you’re looking for Lucky Emblems in below.

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Watch the video above or see below for every Mickey Symbol in Olympus.

#1 Thebes – Overlook[edit]

In the area with the giant statue with the shield (after running over house roofs if coming from the Thebes – Overlook Save Point), remain on the floor. Look on the wall on the northeast side to find this Lucky Emblem.

#2 Thebes – The Big Olive[edit]

From the Thebes – Garden Save Point, head through The Big Olive to the path filled with rubble (it was on fire when you were first here). Go in on the right, and turn left to find the Lucky Emblem on the left.

#3 Thebes – Agora[edit]

This Lucky Emblem can be seen on a stairwell nearby the Thebes – Agora Save Point.

#4 Thebes – Overlook[edit]

Go to the Thebes – Overlook Save Point. Head up the stairs behind it and look on the wall at the turning point.

#5 Mount Olympus – Cliff Ascent[edit]

Leave to the mountain path from the Thebes – Agora Save Point. Ascend until you see the “Cliff Ascent” notification on screen. Follow the path up to the left where there are buildings – it’s on a pillar here.

#6 Mount Olympus – Cliff Ascent[edit]

You’ll see this easily on a small waterfall you must climb to continue your ascent. Not far from #5.

#7 Mount Olympus – Cliff Ascent[edit]

When you run up a cliff to the right of a small waterfall and arrive in a cavern, take a left and look over the cliff to see this Lucky Emblem.

#8 Mount Olympus – Mountainside[edit]

You’ll know you’ve gone high enough when it becomes dark and stormy and enemies appear. Alternatively, descend from the Summit Save Point until enemies spawn.

#9 Realm of the Gods – Corridor[edit]

From the Realm of the Gods – Corridor Save Point, head into the stairwell just northeast of it. It’s on the wall of a stair case here.

#10 Realm of the Gods – Corridor[edit]

From the stairwell of #9, take the straight rail and go inside a small room. It’s behind a pot here on the wall.

#11 Realm of the Gods – Secluded Forge[edit]

From #9, get on the rail on the right. It will dump you at some water – jump down to below it on the right, and venture forward to find an anvil with a Lucky Emblem on it.

#12 Realm of the Gods – Cloud Ridge[edit]

From the Realm of the Gods – Corridor Save Point, take the long rail that brings you higher, down the path to the west. Once there, head up the stairs and look at the clouds in the distance to see this Lucky Emblem.

See below for every Mickey Symbol in Twilight Town.

#1 The Neighborhood – Tram Common[edit]

You’ll get this one for free the first time you come to Twilight Town!

#2 The Neighborhood – Tram Common[edit]

Stand on top of the moving tram and look at its roof!

#3 The Neighborhood – Tram Common[edit]

Head to the VERY top of the Moogle Shop and look down at the other pillars on the roof – it’s on the top here.

#4 The Neighborhood – Tram Common[edit]

Head to the movie theater in the northeast of town. Look at the bottom left of the screen to see the Lucky Emblem (you may have to wait for the screen to stop playing a movie.)

#5 The Neighborhood – Tram Common[edit]

Made of plates on the roof of a building directly in front of the path that takes you to the old mansion.

#6 The Neighborhood – The Woods[edit]

Once you arrive in The Woods, turn around and look at the right door of the passageway to the Underground Conduit.

#7 The Neighborhood – The Woods[edit]

In The Woods, climb up the wall behind the entrance into the Underground Conduit to find this Lucky Emblem.

#8 The Neighborhood – The Woods[edit]

Seemingly made of sunlight on a hill in the east side of the woods.

#9 The Old Mansion[edit]

On the inner wall of the Old Mansion. Upon entering, make a left and look left at the wall.

Lucky Emblem Rewards List[edit]

# of Photos Taken Reward
1 AP Boost
3 Mega-Potion
5 Expert’s Ring
10 Thundara Trinket
15 Moon Amulet

See the spoiler to see what you get at the end of the game for finding them:

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