Mourning the Wii Shop Channel, Metroid Prime 4’s delay, and more.

Weeeeeelcooooome back to Nintendo Voice Chat! On this week’s episode, Casey DeFreitas is joined by Zach Ryan, Brian Altano, and Tom Marks to mourn the death of the Wii Shop Channel, finally chat about the big Metroid Prime 4 news, and run through Nintendo’s latest sales numbers.

The crew also discusses Wargroove, which Tom enjoyed quite a bit, and, of course, takes a deep dive into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 2.0.0 update now that Piranha Plant has joined the battle… and taken a bite out of players’ save files.

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QUESTION BLOCK: Do you think Pokemon will become the “tentpole” game of 2019, or do you think another title we know (or don’t know about yet) could take that spotlight?


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