Showtime Challenges are not part of the Season 7 Battle Pass but are instead a lead up to the Marshmello event scheduled for this Saturday. Our guide has tips on completing all the available challenges.

One challenge will be made available each day leading up to the Marshmello in-game event on Saturday, February 2. It’s not clear how long you have to finish these challenges but the sooner the better! Jump to each challenge of the Showtime Challenges with these links:

Search a Showtime Poster[edit]

Posters promoting the upcoming event have appeared across the Fortnite map and your job is to find one poster and interact with it. That’s right, just one. There are several locations and we’ve mapped out five for you to pick from, including the one at Pleasant Park under the ramada at the center of town.

February 1 Challenge[edit]

Coming soon!

February 2 Challenge[edit]

Coming soon!

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